Can I eliminate my accent entirely? 

My philosophy as an accent trainer is not to eliminate your accent entirely, but to modify it so that it becomes more understandable, and therefore increase your communicative effectiveness. 

How long will it take? 

Most of my clients sign up in blocks of 10 weeks. That is a good time frame to learn some new skills and start integrating them into your everyday speech.  Some clients continue their lessons past this point to solidify the gains they have made. 

Do you accept insurance? 

No, I do not bill insurance, and it is generally not a covered expense anyway.  I accept credit and debit cards, cash and checks, and offer a discount if you prepay for 10 sessions. 

What if you've never worked with someone with my particular accent?

I have worked with individuals from many countries and languages, and the value I bring as an accent trainer is my ability to perceive which sounds and speech patterns you are producing in English that deviate from the 'norm' and start working to create change to these patterns.