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"I felt so lucky I had this experience with Melinda. Before I studied with her, I had been working in the lab as a researcher for years, only very close people can understand me very well. Even though I had a lot of talent in my research, I still lived in a small world. When there was opportunity for me to expand my career, my Chinese accent became the biggest problem.  Learning English Accent is very important for me not just for clarity of expression, but also to accumulate confidence in myself when I talk with people. And my listeners now definitely enjoy the way I talk. Not merely I can be assured while performing interviews but additionally, I'll end up building my personality. I feel free to express my opinion, it is amazing!" 

-YQ (Native Mandarin Chinese Speaker)


"Even though the program is just about 10 weeks, I have learned a lot from it.  Melinda is very professional, friendly to work with, and willing to help me.  Besides practicing one-to-one with Melinda during the meeting, I was given many interesting handouts, book, and CDs to practice at home.  Now, my speaking English is much better.  My friends, relatives, and professors are surprised with my improvement.  I strongly recommend this program to those who have accents in English.  Your accent will be corrected and improved!"

- Hai (Native Vietnamese Speaker)

"Melinda was so helpful in these ways; First, she diagnosed my problem correctly and led me to the right direction. She recorded my voice for checking all the patterns of mistakes. So, she started teaching me how to speak consonants correctly while introducing an effective program ‘American Accent Training’. As a teacher, she has good ears to listen to students. Sometimes she backed off in order to give her students more chances to grow by themselves. She knows how to encourage students. That’s why I was able to audition several Drama Schools in the States, and I could study and graduated from NYU Tisch school of Arts majoring in Performance Studies."

- Tae Hoon (Native Korean Speaker)

"She, as an experienced speech therapist, understands very well the difficulties and stumbling blocks many foreigners are confronted with when they try to talk to Americans. Her lessons were exciting and full of new knowledge because she taught and trained that the other teachers had never done. Following her instructions, my verbal communication has been dramatically improved, and my American friends said to me, “Your speech is easy to understand. How many years have you been in this country?” And after completion of her course, I felt myself so free and comfortable just as if I were a natural born citizen of USA. I am very lucky to meet her. I have no hesitation in saying that she should be the most skillful professional and the best teacher among so many English instructors in Japan and the US who I myself met and attend the class in the long years of learning the language."

 -Susumu (Native Japanese Speaker)

"Your program really helped me especially with my everyday life in America because I don't need to say (it) a second or third time with my American friends."

- Suthasinee (Native Thai Speaker)

"This program gave me the knowledge necessary to speak English with confidence in any place. This program made my life easier because I was able to express my necessities and feelings without hesitation."

- Juan Carlos (Native Spanish Speaker) 






                                                                   "Change Your Speech...Change Your Life"  

                                                                   "Change Your Speech...Change Your Life"